Random Errors

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Error Messages[edit]

Noise Types
Japanese Error English Translation Description Resolution
電波の良いところで再度お試しください。 Please try again where you have better signal. Generic connection error Check network connection and restart the app (clear from recent activities)
ログインできません Cannot login Window title shows ログインできません with a long explanation saying that play data is invalid and a contact address. Try restarting the device. This may be also be a ban.
予期せぬエラーが発生しました。「OK」タップでアプリを再起動します。 An unexpected error has occurred. Tap "OK" to restart the app. An unexpected error has occurred. Tap "OK" to restart the app.


The display for AP will always display max AP unless overflow occurs unless the device time zone is set to JST

Item quests[edit]

A random error has been known to occur for some of the item quests unless the time zone is set to JST

Play Data Error[edit]

This image has been noted to pop up for android players for some reason. Image.jpg

It has something to do with the play data becoming inaccessible.

One player has noted that restarting their device has worked for them, but this requires further testing