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Rerolling Tutorial Starting the Game Troubleshooting Glossary

Rerolling Quick Start Guide

For those who know what they're doing and those who don't but figure they'll be able to figure it out as they go along.

  1. (optional) Use Nox Multiplayer Manager
  2. DL game
  3. Play until roll
  4. Clear data in settings
  5. Repeat from 2

Check Full Guide for clarifications.

The older methods posted here have been deleted as they are known to cause lots of errors as of the recent updates. They may be added back should someone find a way to execute them without causing data corruption.

Binding accounts[edit]


For Step Six, the empty textbox is the password you choose for yourself. Your password must be 8-32 alphanumeric characters in length

Using the Bind Code[edit]

Step 1. Use the top right button on the Title screen

Step 2. It gives you three options, pick the middle one

Step 3. It gives you two different places to enter codes, the top one being the natural ID that comes with the account and the bottom one being the password that you made while making your bind code.

Why Reroll?[edit]

Rerolling allows a player the opportunity to play the game with their favorite characters at the strongest rarity at the cost of time.

Rerolling for the rarest units and equipment also assists in lessening the game difficulty.

Full Guide[edit]

Before Starting[edit]

Have a place to record any account you might be happy playing with. Rerolling fatigue does sit in eventually, so having a nearly perfect account is a great fallback in the event your ideal roll never comes.

A good rule of thumb is to record any account that gives at least one 5* Symphogear card on your initial roll.



Apple users must completely uninstall the game and reinstall the game in order to reroll.


One current method of clearing data to reroll is to go into on your phone settings->storage->apps->XDU->clear game data

This will wipe all your current data so make sure you have binded your account should you wish to fall back on it later.

Rerolling as fast as possible:

The current fastest way is to download the Nox Android emulator and use it to generate multiple emulators at the same time in order to play XDU. Clearing data is the same as explained in the Android method. Once you have obtained your desired account, transfer it the device you plan to plan the game on.

According to other sources, you will not lose non-currency stones when cross-transferring from Android to iOS so the current above method also works for those using Apple devices as well.