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A tutorial on how to start the game.

Starting the game up[edit]

  • Every time you play the game, make sure your system timezone is set to Tokyo (Android)

You will be greeted with this image upon starting the game for the first time:

Terms and conditions.PNG

The first button is the terms of use and the second button is the privacy policy.

The silver button is to reject (back to tile) and the gold button is to accept (continue)

Downloading the game/Playing it[edit]


The game can only be downloaded via Japanese iTunes account.

Guide to creating a new Japanese iTunes account:

  1. Open iTunes and sign out of any existing account.
  2. Go to the store. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see a flag of a country. Click on it. Now select Japan/日本.
  3. Search for シンフォギア or XD Unlimited. Click Get.
  4. Follow the steps to create an account with a new email address. If you use Gmail, you can add "+jp" just before the "@" and Apple will see it as a new address.
  5. When you get to Payment Method, "None" should be selected. Enter any name and then "ドー"(Doe), "ジョン"(John) for the phonetic name fields. (or "ジェーン"(Jane) if you prefer) You can also find an English to Katakana translator and generate something else.
  6. Enter "100-0006" for the Postal Code, then select "Tokyo" from the Prefecture list and enter "Chiyoda-ku" in the City field.
  7. Enter anything in the Street field, leave the next field black, then enter "080" in the Area Code field and "55555555" in the Phone field.
  8. Click "Create Apple ID" and it should submit and ask you to verify your email address. Once you have done so, you can sign into the new account on you device and download the game.


The game can be downloaded via Japanese Google play store, Qooapp, or this apk file

The game can also be played through an Android emulator (Nox is the recommended choice) using one of the above methods.

An alternative step by step guide has been posted below

  1. Download TunnelBear. Yeah it will give you a quota but fret not. You will be only using TB to access JP Play Store and download the game.
  2. After you connect to Japan region via VPN. Create a JP google account on your devices setting. Make sure to choose Japanese location if it asked your location (probably not).
  3. Skip the payment details if you want. Now this is probably a tricky part. Go to your Google Play Store, change to your newly created account and your menu supposed to be in Japanese and if it is not, clear the application data for Google Play in system settings
  4. Search for your game, and download it. After it was done, disconnect TB and have fun with your game!