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What is this?[edit]

Lists of all cards missing either images, translations or both.

For translations, click on a link, then click "Edit Module" at the top of the page, then "Edit" to start editing. Inside the module, replace any relevant nil values with translations wrapped in double quotes "". In addition, please fill in skill "keys". Refer to this Drive doc for a general translation styleguide / guidelines / templates. For example:

local psdesc = nil
local psdesc_orig = "体属性である全ての味方が受ける物理ダメージを10%減少(6ターン)"
local psawakening = {
    {key = nil, values = {'10%', '10%', '15%', '15%', '20%'}},
    {key = nil, values = {'6', '6', '7', '7', '8'}},
local psdesc = "Reduce $physical damage taken for $BDY attribute cards by 10% (for 6 turns)"
local psdesc_orig = "体属性である全ての味方が受ける物理ダメージを10%減少(6ターン)"
local psawakening = {
    {key = "Damage reduction", values = {'10%', '10%', '15%', '15%', '20%'}},
    {key = "Turns", values = {'6', '6', '7', '7', '8'}},

For images, please refer to this Drive link, but basically upload game files (located at data/data/ as either ID_Detail_aw{0-4}.png or ID_Icon_aw{0-4}.png (eg. File:176_Detail_aw0.png) to the drive.

For memoria, leave out the awakening part.

Please remember to (re)move the links to the appropriate section upon changing them!

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