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Current Event Updates
Valkyrie Summer.png

31st of July / 1st of August 2017 Update


New Symphogear

IconBorder Background.png729 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Rainbow.png IconBorder Background.png734 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Rainbow.png IconBorder Background.png739 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Rainbow.png IconBorder Background.png749 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Gold.png IconBorder Background.png226 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Silver.png IconBorder Background.png754 Icon aw0.pngIconBorder Gold.png

New Memoria

IconBorder Background.png786 Icon.pngIconBorder Silver.png IconBorder Background.png813 Icon.pngIconBorder Gold.png IconBorder Background.png787 Icon.pngIconBorder Silver.png IconBorder Background.png794 Icon.pngIconBorder Gold.png

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As always, check out List of incomplete cards and come find us on Discord if you want to help/have any questions, whether it's about the game or the wiki!